With several French companies (Alstom, Thales, CIM, TSO and POMA), the SOFRATESA group was recently involved in the construction of the first Metro or subway in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, which includes the rolling stock and an integral railway system.


The Airway of Guayaquil is a monocable type system for public transport. This system of transport constitutes a complementary element to the system of public transport Metrovía of Guayaquil that is constituted by 4 principal routes across the city.

The Airway will be constituted by 4 stations and will have an extension of 4100 meters. The route will allow to the public to go from the nearby city of Duran to the Center of the city of Guayaquil with interconnections with other systems of transport. In Duran the system will be linked to bus routes feeds that will allow the public to travel with one integrated rate.

The trip will allow to cross the river Guaya that has a width of almost 2 kilometres, for which turns it into one of the projects of teleféricos with I overfly on water.

The project will take place between 2017 and 2018, with scheduled starting date of operation for 2019 and will be executed by companies: SOFRATESA and POMA.

The project will be implemented in the form of a private concession in which the concessionaire; SOFRATESA / POMA invest 15% of the project value. This same consortium will be responsible for the operation and maintenance for 28 years without this represents no cost to the Municipality of Guayaquil.

SOFRATESA consortium leader will be responsible for the design and construction of the stations as well as general civil works and electromechanical and auxiliary systems.



In Santo Domingo, associated with Alstom Transport, Thales, CIM and TSO, we have participated in the construction of the first line of the capital's Metro, which was launched in 2009: 16 stops, 19 trains, 100,000 passengers per day. We also ensure warranty service and maintenance services of the trains as well as workshops.

In 2011 we were selected to ensure the installation of an integral railway system, the launch and maintenance of Line 2 of which the first tranche was opened in 2013.


In Panama, we intervene within the GDE consortium in order to ensure engineering and system installations line 1, whose inauguration took place in April 2014.

The Metro de Panama is first Central America, started its operation with 12 stations and 19 trains. This new transportation system allows a route in 23 minutes between the 2 end stations (Los Andes and Albrook).