Santo Domingo – 16/02/2015 : Nominated for the Premios SOBERANO 2015: Evelina Rodríguez as Best Actress & Frank Perozo as Best Actor. 

 Both of them are actors of LA EXTRAÑA, a movie co-produced in 2014 by our subsidiary Karibe Entertainment. This movie, directed by César Rodríguez is based upon «L’Etrangère» by the french director and producer Sergio Gobbi.

The Premios SOBERANO have been created in Dominican Republic in 1985. It is obviously the biggest Award Gala for arts and entertainment, the place to be for people working in music industry, theatre, cine, radio & television. This Award Night will take place on April 14th in the National Theatre Eduardo Brito of Santo Domingo. The red carpet will be dedicated to the great dominican fashion designer Oscar de la Renta who died in last october.