Panama City–July 24th 2015: The « GRUPO DE EMPRESAS GDE » composed by French, Panamanians and Dominican companies whose SOFRATESA is member, has just signed the contract to equip the Line 2 of the Metro of Panama City, which is considered as one of the biggest infrastructure site in Latin America. It is partly thanks to the high technical ratings of GDE that the Linea 2 Consortium (whose GDE is the main subcontractor) has been able to win this gigantic contract which comes within the continuity of the construction of line 1.

This new market concerns the conception, design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the integral railway system. The SOFRATESA Group will intervene at once on security, communication and signal systems, among others.

This new success will generate a strong activity for the SOFRATESA Group which, aside with its French partners, confirms its leading position in front of the Mexican, Chinese, Spanish and South Korean competitors, which also were participating in this selection.

Technical Facts:

Length: 21 km on surface

Stations: 16 from San Miguelito to Nuevo Tocumen

Capacity: 16,000 passengers per hour

Travel time: about 35 minutes

Rolling stock: 21 trains of 5 carriages

Electrification: by catenaries of 1,500 V.

Connecting to Line 1: San Miguelito station

Work starting date: 1st quarter of 2016

Course of the work: 46 months