In picture: Marco Gutiérrez, Ángel Delgado, Walter Salinas,   José Doviasa, Josie Escalante, Manuel Yuil, Aquino Fernández, Fermín González,  Ciro García, Andrés Rodríguez, Vladimir López and Joel Pineda. Also: Héctor Coffre, Héctor Guardia, Omar González and Mario Abadi

October 2015

Workers of Metro Panama, have created an internal soccer league; members of the Sofratesa staff are part of it. This league has 9 teams divided into two groups. The first three of each group are selected for the second round in which everyone will play against the others, hence the two best teams play a final match to become the champion of the league.

The teams that conform the league are: Legal Department / Administrative Department, Maintenance Department, Metro Police, San Isidro Station, Albrook Station, Otis, Probe Department and Sofratesa.