Panama City, February 13th, 2016 - On Friday July 24th, 2015 SOFRATESA, along with the members of Grupo de Empresas ALSTOM, THALES, TCP et CIM/TSO  has firmed the contract with Metro de Panama in order to ensure the strengthening of Line 1.

This project is based on the necessity to give answer to the increasing number of passengers in this line and implies to move up from three to five carriages by train. That means the purchase of 70 new carriages, and of course the adaptation of the infrastructures of the stations as well as public areas and garages.

Thanks to its acquired experience during 10 years of construction and mainetance projets, SOFRATESA is capable to fulfill the Metro de Panama expectatives, regarding the upgrade of telecommunications sub-systems and the supply and installation of civil works, which are the missions of SOFRATESA.