By decision of its Board of Directors dated 30 October 2017, SOFRATESA group has adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and an Anti-Corruption Policy.

With the adoption of our own Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and our Anti-Corruption Policy, SOFRATESA intends to further promote a company culture that is based on the principles of legality, transparency, ethics and fairness. The reputation of SOFRATESA is a priceless asset and the foundation of our business. It is based on our strong commitment to quality, trust and integrity in all aspects of our business activities.

Therefore, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, along with our Anti-Corruption Policy, provide a framework for (1) promoting effective compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; (2) designating organizational responsibilities for compliance with these laws and regulations; and (3) encouraging a commitment to compliance with laws, transparency, and integrity in all business activities by all SOFRATESA business organizations, personnel and associates.