05/15/2014 Santo Domingo (From José Peguero – Ensegundos.net)

I am proud to see how quickly the Dominican film is evolving favorably. The new film that will be on view from today, which is called “La Extraña” is one of those Creole movies that you can't miss. “La Extraña” tells the story of Jean Louis, the owner of a publishing house in Santo Domingo, who is traumatized by the accident of his ex-wife Gaia, after their divorce.

Gaia (Laura Garcia Godoy) remains in bed in a hospital and is visited by Jean Louis each week. Overwhelmed by his work and the health situation of his ex-wife that he still loves, Jean Louis decides to escape to Casa de Campo, where his family owns a property. There he meets a beautiful woman named Rosa. Kicking off a disturbing relationship involving seduction and mystery, Jean Louis is not sure if he is living a nightmare or a dream.

Evelyna Rodríguez's performance is stunning. She embraces perfectly the erratic and versatile behavior of her character, and succeeds in turning what could have been the biggest failure of career, into a complete success. 

Director Cesar Rodriguez was not wrong...


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