04/01/2013 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The second line of the Santo Domingo Metro began on April 1, 2013 commercial operation. This line will allow the population, mainly the National District, Santo Domingo East and West, a train system that will run from the Avenue Francisco del Rosario Sánchez at the head of the bridge of the same name, to the Gregorio Luperon Avenue, the avenue John F. Kennedy.

In total there are 14 stations and 12.8 line kilometers of track that will be traveled by 15 trains.

The Office for the Reorganization of Transportation (OPRET), responsible for the construction and management system of Metro Santo Domingo has the expectation that in the first year of operation, users of Line 2 reach 120,000 daily users, like Line 1, in his fourth year. And while the number of users running on the Metro system more than 250 thousand passengers daily rise.

Line 2 is built for a construction period of 40 months considering that preliminary excavations began in December 2010, during the administration of former President Leonel Fernández (2008-2012), when it held 95% of the construction.

During the first four years of operation of Line 1 of the Metro de Santo Domingo, have been transported about 100 million passengers, with a steady annual increase.

In 2009, the approach was 16.8 million passengers; in 2010, 23.6 million boarding, an increase of 42%; in 2011 28.8 million, compared with the previous year was 22%, and in 2012 of 30,960,000, an increase of 7%, according to figures from OPRET. At the same time, from the 1st to 24 January 2013 have been transported 1.7 million passengers.

The major attraction of Line 2 is the transshipment located at stations Olympic Center, where you can cross from Line 1 to Line 2 and vice versa for the same price, RD $ 20, representing a potential savings for users circulating lines.