03/06/2014 - Panama City

On occasion of the acceptance of this important Project by the Secretariat of the Panama Metro, a celebration was organized with all employees of the electromechanical consortium that participated in the construction of Line 1 of the Panama Subway.

Also attended the event, directors and representatives of the steering committee of the companies ALSTOM, THALES, SOFRATESA, CIM and TSO.

The event took place on the terrace of the restaurant AMERICAN TRADE HOTEL.

This celebration was the perfect opportunity to congratulate the efforts of all those who contributed in fulfilling the project goals.

Days before, on February 27, took place the Acceptance Inspection of Substantial Project, conducted in the presence of Roberto Roy, Minister for the Panama Canal Affairs and the Secretariat of the Panama Metro, and representatives of the Project Manager and construction companies.

Line 1 of the Panama Subway, with its 12 stations is the first subway of Central America and has been achieved in a record time.