08/04/2014 - Panama City

On Tuesday, April 8th, The Cabinet Council of the Republic of Panama approved two contracts for the development of maintenance of telecom systems  for the Panama Subway (Line 1).

By an exceptional procedure The Cabinet authorized the hiring  of SOFRATESA / THALES Consortium for preventive and corrective maintenance of the telecommunication system of Subway Line 1.

This service includes subsystems Fiber Optic Network, Tetra Radio, Telephony, Intercom, PA system and passenger information (PAS / PIS), Train Supervision (ATS), Fire Detection, Closed Circuit Television and Supervisory Control and Acquisition of data (SCADA) and was signed for a period of 4 years with an option to extend over 3 years more.

With the signing of this contract SOFRATESA consolidates its strong presence in the field of Business Services that includes maintenance services in telecommunications and transport.