02/28/2014 - Panama City

The Minister of Channel Affairs, the head of the Secretariat of the Panama Metro Ing, Roberto Roy, along with the Manager of Metro de Barcelona Consortium Inelectra Ayesa Ing Carlos López Project, signed on February 27, 2014, the Substantial Act of Acceptance for the First Stage of the Line 1 of the Panama Metro.

The first phase of Line 1 of the Panama Metro, is composed by 12 stations where 7 are underground, 5 elevated and are connected with Albrook Los Andes in just 23 minutes.

This object of the signed contract implies that the level of physical implementation of the first stage of the line allows its use, despite the existence of outstanding issues that the contractor is required to complete within 180 days from the signing of the Act.

This act provides that the care, custody and control of the first stage of the project, will pass from this signature, except for Unfinished Business from the first stage of the project.

Companies in charge of construction, continue the execution of the second phase of the project including the Ingenio station, elevated viaduct extension to San Isidro and San Isidro station. The second phase will be completed in January 2015.