08/20/2014 Puerto Rico (Source: Agencia EFE)

The movie, filmed in the Dominican Republic, is the first Dominican remake of a French film, "L'etrangère " from Sergio Gobbi screened in 1968. 

The film "La Extraña," directed by Dominican filmmaker Cesar Rodríguez and starring Evelyna Rodríguez and Frank Perozo will premiere on August 28 at Fine Arts (Caribbean Cinemas) of San Juan. The movie tells the story of Jean-Louis (Frank Perozo), owner of a publishing house in Santo Domingo, who is tormented by the accident that almost killed his ex-wife after their divorce.

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First critical review of “La Extraña” in Puerto Rico

A sexual relationship, addictive and full of intrigue
(Keishla Julianna, Gymnasium of Emotions)

“This film is guilty for all this feelings, that was the new proposal by the friendly César Rodríguez. This time he's opted for more; with a great production team, and the hand with one of the producers and most acclaimed French directors Sergio Gobbi, he conducted the first Dominican remake: " La Extraña ". Yes, a remake of the French movie ... " Read more