The SOFRATESA group began its activities in the field of airport infrastructures over 25 years ago. The Group has been involved in design, construction, operation and maintenance of the main Dominican airports as a contractor, supplier or partner of the concession company (AERODOM).


In the aeronautical field, the SOFRATESA Group has been responsible for the installation of major equipment for air traffic control in Central America and the Caribbean. The SOFRATESA group is proud to always offer the latest generation of equipment combined with high quality service.


In the framework of the second phase for the upgrading of the navigation aids systems for the airports nationwide, SOFRATESA Panama realized the complete restoration and equipment of the radio beacon station located in Taboga Island, Panama. In this project we ensured the installation of an equipment DVOR 432 associated with a DME 435 rangefinder of the so recognized brand THALES, providing a huge help during the landing approaches for the international airports of Tocumen, Marcos A. Gelabert and Panama Pacifico. This represents the continuation of the first modernization phase realized in the Tocumen Airport, during which obsolete navigation equipments have been replaced by last generation appliances.

Among our main realizations for this project we can find:

  • engineering, supply, installation, configuration, commissioning, calibration and certification of a very high frequency omnidirectional radio beacon Doppler associated with a rangefinder (DVOR / DME);
  • engineering and execution of the restoration of the infrastructure of the station; design, supply, installation and commissioning of a radio link between the station and the new control center of the Civil Aviation Authority (Autoridad Aeronáutica Civil) for remote monitoring and control;
  • engineering, supply, installation and programming of an intelligent security system including a closed circuit television, metal detectors, motion, smoke and temperature detectors, and the access control system;
  • engineering, supply and installation of the new low voltage grid;
  • engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of an integrated air conditioning system with support for the station.


In Panama the SOFRATESA / THALES Consortium built turnkey, a new Air Traffic Control Center of the country, including systems and Air Traffic Control Radar Approach and the complete construction of the new and modern building housing such equipment.


Have been installed a new Instrument Landing System (ILS) and an omnidirectional Radio Beacon Station with a Very High Frequency (DVOR / DME) at the International Airport of TOCUMEN allowing automatic high precision landings of aircrafts and safety landings in poor visibility conditions.

In Dominican Republic, the same SOFRATESA / THALES Consortium built two control centers for the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC). Regarded as the most modern and efficient in Central America and the Caribbean, the first one operates around the Las Américas International Airport of Santo Domingo and the second one in Punta Cana International Airport.


It is the main airport in the Dominican Republic, the gateway to Las Americas. We've been involved in all stages of the making and the functioning of this prestigious platform. We were also an important operational actor, as a shareholder and contractor concessionaire (AERODOM). 




The installation and commissioning of air traffic control facilities need high-level skills. In Panama City, Tocumen International Airport continues its impressive development to become the largest airport in Latin America.



The pearl of world tourism, Punta Cana, is owed in a large part to the impressive development efficiency of its modern airport. The SOFRATESA Group has widely contributed to this development, installing the primary, secondary and weather radars; as well as support systems for navigation and control center for such this prestigious infrastructure.